Best Subwoofers 2020 – It’s All About the Bass

This is our first article that focuses strictly on subwoofers. The first thing we want to address though is do you need a subwoofer if you have really good speakers? The answer of course is yes if you really want to get the best sound out of your system. They are pretty much required for a home theater and almost as important in stereo music systems. You may be perfectly satisfied with the bass you get out of your tower or bookshelf speakers but once you add a sub, you’ll realize what you were missing.

There are very few situations where you wouldn’t benefit from a sub. It’s not just about adding more bass either. Adding a sub improves the system’s dynamics, depth, and spatiality. Your overall sound will be significantly enhanced with the right subwoofer.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at a list of the best subwoofers for 2020.  These are numbered for readablility and not for ranking, hopefully you’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you.




1. Definitive Technology ProSub 800

Definitive Technology Prosub 800Definitive Technology is known for producing excellent bass and the ProSub 800 keeps that tradition alive.

This sub has an 8-inch subwoofer with a polymer cone attached to the infrasonic radiator. It has an amplifier that produces a continuous output power of 300 watts.  The radiator design makes it possible to cover a radiating area 27% larger than a 10-inch subwoofer.

It is a front-mounted direct-radiating subwoofer attached to an 8-inch low bass radiator.

It is compact in size with a height of 12.9 inches, a 10.4 inch depth, and a width of 13.8 inches. This subwoofer has line-level and speaker level inputs and outputs that can be used in a surround sound system.


  • Comes in Black or White
  • Double Surround System
  • Low Frequency Effect
  • Cabinet is Non-Resonant


  • Inadequate for a Very Large Room


2. SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer

SVS SB16-Ultra

SVS has been building some great subwoofers and the SVS SB16-Ultra is known for being a complete subwoofer. With this sub you can expect sound with immense power, precise detail,and extreme clarity. It also looks pretty cool.

This deep bass subwoofer comes with a 16-inch ultra bass driver. It also has an 8-inch edge voice coil to provide reverberating bass with additional low-frequency sounds when it’s used.

You’ll get 1500 watt continuous MOSFET output and a peak output of 5000 watts with its new Sledge 1500D Amplifier.

This sub is great for movies and music as it is built to thrive in all situations. For what this subwoofer costs, it may be the best you can get for the price.


  • Low Distortion
  • Great Bass Performance
  • Looks Good
  • Smartphone Control


  • Heavy

Buy from SVS: SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer

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3. Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10

Polk a long established company known for producing quality audio equipment, gives us the PSW10 10-inch powered subwoofer. This sub provides a pure sounding deep and powerful bass with maximum impact. This is a compact but powerful subwoofer that can easily connect to your existing systems.

The PSW10 can produce distortion free low frequency sounds due to the laser-based Klippel measurement technology it comes with. The 50-watt RMS amplifier that is in-built can get the sub up to 100 watts of power and with the resonance-free driver it can be used for extended periods.

The PSW10 can be a standalone subwoofer or can be part of an existing system. Overall, this is a great subwoofer and you don’t have to break the bank to get it.


  • Loud and Clear
  • Easy to Connect
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Resonance-free driver


  • No LFE input



4. SONOS Sub Wireless


The Sonos Sub is a wireless sub and is one of the most powerful subs in the market. Because it is non-directional it is very versatile as far as room placement. It is easy to set up and integrates well with other speakers and smart home devices using the Sonos app.

It also has a unique look and may be one of the best designed speakers available. It is quite compact especially for what it offers but is kind of heavy at 35 pounds. The Sonos Sub has a great build quality and should last a long time.

You can expect zero vibrations from its two force-cancelling drivers at the center. You’ll receive a solid and powerfull bass you can feel, and no distortion. This sub is versatile enough that you can lay it flat.


  • Deep low-end
  • Modern Unique Design
  • Force-cancelling drivers
  • Black or White Glossy Finish


  • Can’t Connect to Another Subwoofer

Buy from Sonos: Sonos Sub – Black

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5. Samsung Sound+ SWA-W700

Samsung SWA-W700

The Samsung Sound+ SWA-W700 subwoofer is designed to work with other Samsung Sound+ series components. It has an ultra-deep base response at 27kHz which is lower than what can be heard but can be felt in the room.

With its wireless connectivity capabilities, it can be placed anywhere in your room and when connected to the Sound+ center speaker, it automatically tunes itself correctly to the system. You won’t have to worry about bass buzz and rattle either with its built-in distortion-cancelling technology.

Maybe not as futuristic as the Sonos, the subwoofer does have a nice design and will look good in your room.


  • Deep Bass Response
  • Wireless
  • Distortion Cancelling Technology
  • Nice Design


  • Heavy



6. BIC Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer

BIC Acoustech PL200

Suitable for medium to large size rooms, this subwoofer provides movie theater sound quality for a great home theater experience. Its sound is deep and rich, well balanced with a good low-frequency response.

This sub has a front-firing 12-inch long-throw powered subwoofer and a state-of-the-art BASH amplifier that provides an RMS power rating of 250 watts and a peak of 1000 watts. Great for reproducing that cinematic feel.

Overall, this subwoofer has high quality both in construction and sound and will cost around $300, making it one of the best buys on the market. For this price, it is tough to beat.


  • 1000 Watts
  • Terminals are Gold Plated
  • Supports 110v and 220v
  • Works With Any Receiver


  • Big and Heavy



7. Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

Klipsch R-120SW

Klipsch, another well know maker of high quality speakers, presents the R-120SW Subwoofer. This subwoofer has been designed to give you the best sound possible for both movies and music.

The R-120SW comes with a front-firing 12-inch excursion spun-copper Injection Molded Granite woofer. Only weighing 30 pounds the lightness of this sub can be attributed to the IMG woofer cone. Just because they’re light doesn’t mean they aren’t sturdy. IMG also makes for a nice low-frequency response with minimal distortion.

There is an inbuilt digital amplifier with an RMS output of 200 watts peaking at 400 watts. The frequency range lies between 29Hz and 120Hz. This subwoofer produces a really nice, clean deep bass sound and has a rear-firing port that helps with bass-reflex.

The cabinet is made of reinforced MDF to reduce vibration and has rubber feet to absorb even more vibration. The cabinet is made of black textured wood grain vinyl.


  • Flexible Options for Placement
  • 400-watt peak power
  • Minimal Cone Breakup, Distortion
  • All Digital Amplifier


  • Amplifier is Somewhat Sensitive

Buy from World Wide Stereo: Klipsch R-120SW 12″ Subwoofer (Black Brushed Vinyl)


8. Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 109723

Our last subwoofer is a nice selection if you have a tight budget. The Monoprice 109723 has a 12-inch high-performance bass driver that produces a high quality bass at low volumes.

As far as power, this sub rates at 150 watts RMS and peaks at 200 watts so it won’t knock down walls but it will produce a full bass that doesn’t sound thin or boomy.  It has a frequency response range from 50 to 250Hz.

This subwoofer has multiple input options and can be used with any stereo or 5.1 or greater amplifier system. The cabinet is made of wood and has a black finish and is basically a 17-inch cube.

With the Monoprice 109723 you get a really capable subwoofer at a pretty unbelievable price.


  • Good Price
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Bluetooth
  • Compact


  • No Phase Switch


I would think most of us would like a nice bass sound as part of our audio system. The best way to achieve that is by adding a quality subwoofer. We have presented eight of the best subwoofers on the market today and hopefully there is one that fits in your budget.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of our selections or if there one you think we missed. It would be great to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, it’s all about the bass. I also have an unboxing video for the SVS SB-2000 Pro subwoofer that you can check out:

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