Technics SL-100C

Technics New Turntable – The SL-100C

Are you looking for a new turntable? You may want to wait for the new entry-level turntable from Technics. Introducing the SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable. What’s great about this new turntable is that it’s a version of their award-winning SL-1500C but with an affordable price.

Based on the succes of their SL-1500C turntable, Technics decided to build a turntable for the entry level audiophile. Introducing the SL-100C, Technics new entry level turntable.


The SL-100C which looks similar to their SL-1200 turntable, has many of the great features that Technics turntables are known for. This includes the iron-coreless direct drive motor with motor control for stability. The tonearm is high-precision S-shaped aluminum that captures even the slightest musical nuances on every disc, and comes with automatic lift. It also has a well-built two-layer chassis that ensures tracking will not be affected by external vibrations.

The SL-100C comes with the Audio-Technica VM95C on-board pickup cartridge. This cartridge has a conical stylus that provides precise tracking and retrieval from the record’s grooves, and offers wide compatibility with commonly used Phono Moving Magnet inputs that you’ll find on hi-fi amplifiers.

Technics SL-100C Turntable


So you might be wondering what makes this new turntable so affordable. Well some of the savings comes from the cartridge used but also the phono pre-amp has been removed so you’ll have to provide your own amplifier.

Should you buy one? Well Technics is well-known in the industry for building great turntables and the new entry level SL-100C is no exception. This new turntable although minimal does have some premium specifications and actually sits higher than entry level. For the newbie audiophile there should be no hesitation in getting the new SL-100C. It would be a welcome addition to your audio system.

As far as availability, this new turntable will be available in Europe starting in June and stay tuned for its U.S. release.