COWIN E7 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Today we have our second review of an active noise cancelling headphone the Cowin E7 Pro Noise Cancelling Headphone. This one sits at a lower price point than the Bose 700 that has already been reviewed on this site and not that this will be a direct comparison, but let’s take a look at the features and quality of this headphone. One thing to note is I did find this headphone on a “best of” list receiving the best bluetooth headphone designation so that’s a good start.

Also, take a look at the unboxing of the lower priced Cowin E7 noise cancelling wireless headphones below.





Cowin E7 Pro NC headphones


First off, the Cowin E7 Pro is an upgrade to the Cowin E7 and the build quality has definitely improved. This headphone looks larger and bulkier than its competitors but is actually lighter than its predecessor.  The E7 Pro does have a heavier feel than other headphones in this segment but it is sturdy.

The earpads are bulky which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because they are comfortable using a leatherette material. The earpads also swivel so the headphones can lay flat. The head band is strong and flexible and is also covered in leatherette. There are three colors available, black, red, and pink. The Pro model added a brushed metal finish on the outside of the earcups giving it a premium look.


So if we compare the E7 Pro to its predecessor the E7, the Pro upgrade has a much improved sound. With the active noise cancelling feature ON the Pro offers a much better sound balance through lows, mid, and highs than its predecessor which can be described as having a tinny sound. There’s a wider frequency response with the 45mm drivers as most over the ear headphones have 40mm drivers. This helps the music sound fuller without a boomy bass sound. Not only is the performance better than the E7 but it is better than many of its similar priced competitors. You also have the ability to adjust the sound to your liking using the equalizer in your music playing app on your smart phone. Overall for the extra $20 for the Pro model the sound improvement is worth it.

Noise Cancelling

The E7 Pro also improves its noise cancelling by having a noise reduction depth of 30db, a solid improvement over the Cowin E7’s 28db. People talking nearby will be less noticeable and distracting giving you a better overall performance boost.


What’s great about these headphones is the value. When you consider the noise cancelling, sound quality, battery life, and overall performance this is a great buy for the money. The Cowin E7 Pro is a great pair of headphones especially if you are not wanting to spend what it would take for the Bose 700 but want something better in this price point.

Battery Life

The Cowin E7 Pro has a strong battery life. It’s advertised at 30 hours and you can get 30 hours consistently on a full charge. The headphones do incorporate NFC technology but still use the older Bluetooth 4.0 which isn’t as power efficient as the new versions.

Cowin E7 Pro Red


What you hope to get with a product upgrade is some noticable improvements from the previous version. The Cowin E7 Pro definitely delivers on that. This pro upgrade has better sound, a better build, and is more appealing than the original. It is bulky and may not be the best during a public commute but it is not designed for that. Should you buy the Cowin E7 Pro? We think so and it performs slighty better than its competitors in this price point. Not only that but if you own the E7 we think that because of the improvements with the Pro upgrade you should upgrade yours as well. For around $80 dollars you can’t go wrong. Please leave a comment or question.  Join the mailing list to be eligible for discount opportunities.

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Cowin E7 Noise Cancelling Heard Phone

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