A Floating Turntable? – It’s the LEVI by Harman/Kardon

Well here’s something I find interesting. A turntable that makes your vinyl records float.

Yes that’s right, your record will levitate as it plays. It’s a floating turntable. Introducing the ‘LEVI’ levitating concept turntable from Harman/Kardon and made by Korean designers Jimin Hwang and Jihyo Seo.

This turntable seems to have some magic in it and is incredible to watch while your spinning your records. Not only that, it’s a great performing turntable as well, and enhances the listening experience.

The LEVI is a high-end turntable that actually has four modes of operation based on the genre of music. These modes are soothing, refreshing, sweet, and bittersweet, and allow you to set the ideal listening mode for the album you are playing.


Harman Kardon LEVI


A New Music Exprience

While the LEVI is definitely cool to look at, its performance is quite unique as the platter moves up and down to the rhythm, playing the notes with an incredible smoothness. You can also adjust the speed from 12-17 rpm with what is called the chick dial that allows you to set the mood for your slow jams.


In order for the platter to levitate, an electromagnetic system inside allows the tray to be raised and lowered. The tone arm can be adjusted to 4 different height positions even while the record is playing. This provides quite the visual experience and you might think this would alter the sound but it actually doesn’t.


Another great feat with the LEVI is its design. In addition to the cool floating ability, it comes with a modern looking white base and orange tone arm and adjustment button. It has two other buttons that are a nice blue color. Another cool aspect is when you’re playing a 33 RPM record, the record is quite a bit wider than the platter making it appear that the record is the only thing floating.

This is definitely a turntable that will impress your friends but at the current time this is just a concept. No launch date or price have been set. We can only dream.

Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about this levitating turntable.

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