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GooDee YG420 Projector Review – Should I Buy from GooDee?

GooDee YG420 Portable Projector

So you want a home video system but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Now days you can find a video projector that will work for almost any situation but what will workGooDee G500 Portable Projector Review

for you?  Today we take a look at the GooDee YG420 Portable Projector. You might be thinking GooDee is not a well-known company, should I buy one of their products? Well let’s see. This projector was designed for the everyday consumer who’s not looking to spend a large sum of money. Will it stack up to more well-known brands that also use LED bulbs?


First off, the YG420 has a display 0f 3800 lux and 3200 lumens which work well at a little less than 6 feet to a screen of 60 inches. Lux is the measurement of light that lands on the screen or projection surface. To see a good image on a dark day about 1500 lux is needed. The YG420 is a little above average in this price range. It’s important to remember that the brightness of the bulb needs to be brighter than the ambient light. This bulb is rated for bright rooms according to ANSI standards, and is quite capable of producing a clear picture when the lights are on. Also, unlike projectors that use incandescent bulbs that produce a lot of head, this projector can be used for a full 8-hour work day and won’t overheat.

It’s also important to note that with LED projectors the lifetime of the bulb is about 30,000-50,000 hours of life. That’s a ton of usage for such a reasonably priced projector.

The YG420 is well packed and comes with a traveling case, remote control, HDMI cable, RCA audio/video cable, and a manual. The projector housing itself is small with measurements of 9.64 X 6.53 X 3.2 and weighs around 2.75 pounds. So it really is portable.

The YG420 does have built-in stereo speakers but does not have the best sound quality. The sound is comparable to a laptop. For me I would want the best sound possible so I would need to utilize the 3.5mm sound output on the back of the unit to connect to external speakers.

Video Quality

The video quality of the YG420 lies somewhere between a full-sized incandescent projector and a pocket-sized projector which is what you would expect. The native resolution is 1280 X 800 which is greater than 720p but not technically 1080p. It is a true 16 X 10 which allows for a full computer display but there will be a black bar at the top and bottom of your screen when watching movies. The resolution though is excellent when compared to many other projectors in this price range. In fact with this quality of resolution you can watch HD movies and streamed movies that match the resolution you would get with much pricier projectors. Downscaling the video from higher resolution inputs is also excellent.

The YG420 is designed for a fairly big display size between 32 and 180 inches which may not compare to projectors that cost in the thousands of dollars, but what you’re buying is a projector that will fit in your briefcase. Bottom line, this is a good deal.


The GooDee YG420 offers a wide array of connectivity options. It features two HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and VGA and composite inputs. It does accept RCA audio for use with older devices and also accepts audio through the HDMI port and through the 3.5 mm aux port. You should be able to connect both audio and video with ease no matter the device.

What else is nice is that the HDMI supports the MHL protocol allowing you to use a Roku, Chromecast, or other streaming stick as input. You’ll also be able to play videos from your phone just as easily. If you want to use a thumb drive this projector will play videos in most formats including AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, and other formats. If you have a JPEG slideshow, it will play that as well.


The GooDee YG420 portable projector is an excellent middle line projector that offers a great balance between the budget projectors and corporate level projectors. It works well under most lighting conditions with a true HD display and the built-in media player makes this projector extremely versatile. You can leave your laptop on your desk. It is true there are higher-priced brands that have higher resolution and brighter lighting but if that is not what you need then why spend the money? The YG420 will satisfy many needs and will play back videos in HD with ease. Please leave a comment or question below.

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