GooDee YG620 Review – Projector or TV?

Today at My Home Stereo we take a look at the new GooDee YG620 projector. For those of you considering a projector rather than a TV set this projector could be the perfect choice.
For those of you who haven’t thought about it, why not take a look?

GooDee YG620

Many people think projectors are for the wealthy who have these extravagant home theater rooms inside their mansions. Well think again, you can get high quality LED projectors that are very reasonably priced and GooDee makes several. This one in particular produces a 6500 Lux brightness with a 43″ to 300″ display size.

It also has good sounding built-in speakers and makes for a great home or office projector at a reasonable price.

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I’d have to say the YG620 looks pretty cool. This projector has a full size look and feel and a unique cabinet design that is sleek and modern. The top of the projector has a black panel with a set of control buttons and a manual focus lever.

A remote control is included that allows you to do the same functions as the buttons with other added functions like Fast forward/Reverse, volume control, menu shortcuts, and source selection. The YG620 also has a nice padded carrying case if you need to transport the projector from home or office.

There are a lot of connection capabilities but those are discussed below. The large lens sits in a recessed housing and comes with a large lens cover. Above the lens are a pair of dials used to adjust the focus and keystone.

The keystone adjustment can adjust the image as much as 15 degrees vertically. The bottom of the projector has a push button to release a spring-loaded foot to adjust the angle of your projector. You will also find four screw holes if you want to mount your projector on the ceiling. Inside the YG620 are not one but three fans that provide for quieter cooling.

Video Quality

You won’t have to look any further than the YG620 to get great video quality. Its native resolution of 1080p matches the best projectors in the market and is a top of the line performer considering most projectors only offer 720p. The YG620 also supports downscaling for 4K video which means you can use your projector to watch your favorite Blu-ray discs.

GooDee seems to know how to get really bright images and this projector is no exception. It works well both day and night and has a very high contrast ratio. The ultra-bright bulb allows you to position the projector from 5.6 to 30.2 feet from the screen or wall and can produce an image size from 46 to a remarkable 300 inches. Backyard movie night anyone?

Along with the quality image comes quality audio which isn’t always the case with projectors. The YG620 has 5-watt Dolby built in speakers that give high quality full spectrum sound. If the 5 watts are not powerful enough for you, you can connect external speakers to get more power.


As you can see, the YG620 has plenty of ports that provide great connectivity to your other devices. It has 2 HDMI ports, a pair of USB ports which of course can be used for laptops, Roku stick, Chromecast, flash and external drives, etc. It even has a VGA port for older devices, something you can’t always find these days. Even though it does have some nice built-in speakers there is a 3.5mm audio output for headphones or speakers.

Bulb Life

The 6500 LUX LED bulb used in the YG620 is rated for a 100,000 hour lifespan which gives you around 11.5 years of use. This is great news since a replacement HID bulb can cost more than the projector.

Business Use

So I’ve recently left the corporate world but I do remember the problems we had trying to get projectors to work for presentations. They were very frustrating to say the least. Well with the versatility of the YG620, this projector is great for business use. It is very portable and will provide a memorable video experience for your presentation. Will it make me want to go back to the corporate world? No ’cause then I wouldn’t be able to do this but I digress. Just know that this projector will work well with your home theater or at your office. Hopefully you’ll want to spend more time in your home theater but that’s just me.

What Will It Cost?

So we’ve shown what the capabilities are of the new GooDee YG620 projector but what may be it’s best feature is its affordability. To get the same experience with a TV could run you $1500. The YG620 costs no where near that (see special offer below). This seems like a no-brainer. Of course there are those who prefer TVs but maybe it’s time to re-think that especially when you look at the cost difference.


Check out the unboxing video to get a closer look.


The GooDee YG620 projector is an impressive machine. It is very versatile and compatible, easy to operate, looks great, and produces high quality images along with great audio. It’s a projector that will work well for your indoor movie theater, outdoor movie drive-in, and your office power point presentations. Considering all you get with YG620 and its low cost, it might be time get one for yourself. See you on movie night. Please leave a comment or question below.


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Note: I am a member of the GooDee affiliate program, I receive small commissions on sales from my site.

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  1. I finished my basement and decided a projector TV was the way to go. Thank you for the discount coupon! I ordered it and installed it this week. Super easy to install and the picture is great! Like it much better than my television and based on where I hang it I can make the view area as big as the whole wall! I may never need a television again. Highly recommend!

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