Over-The-Ear Headphones Sale – August is the month

Well this is something I didn’t know, this happens to be the time of year when online retailers try to move products off the shelves just like traditional stores do. August is a great time to get some online deals and if you are looking for some over-the-ear headphones there are some great deals out there this month. If you’ve been perusing this site, one of the headphones reviewed here, the Bose NC 700, is one that can be had for a great deal. So check out some of the over-the-ear headphones below and see if there’s something right for you.

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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose NC 700 White

This is a high-end item so check out the review on this site at Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 Review. These Bose NC 700 have top-of-the-line sound, noise-cancelling with 11 levels of control, 20 hours of wireless battery life, and integration with Alexa and Google Assistant. These are available for 25% off this month.

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Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II

The Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones II are on sale for about 30% off. These headphones are great for audiophiles that want an awesome immersive sound with 15 hours of playtime on a rechargeable battery. These use wireless Bluetooth technology for seamless audio/video syncing.

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Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones WHCH710N

Sony NC Headphones II

So if you want a noise-cancelling headphone that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality, these Sony headphones might be what you need. With these you get automatic environmental noise sensors and cancellation, smartphone compatibility, wireless Bluetooth streaming, a phone-call mic, plus other features. You can get these for almost 40% off.



Skullcandy Grind

Skullcandy Grind Headphones

So these are some inexpensive headphones made by a company named Skullcandy that actually have a great sound. The Skullcandy Grind wired over-the-ear headphones are not only cheap and sound great but look awesome too. They have a beefy bass response along with great mids and highs. It’s hard to find a weak point with these headphones. They don’t have built-in volume controls but still these are a great pair of headphones. You can get these for only $58.75.


Marshal Major II Bluetooth

Marshal Major II HeadphonesSo we are back to a pair of wireless head phones the Marshal Major II Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones. Marshal as you may know, are known for their guitar amps often used by well known rock stars, but they also do other things well. They have several lines of headphones and even a smartphone. Their headphones are solid offerings that target those concerned more with fashion than being an audiophile. The Major II is Marshal’s first wireless headphones and they continue the trend on focusing on fun rather than sound quality and build. So with these you’ll get great styling, a cool coiled cable, long battery life, but a cheap build.



AKG K92 Headphones

The AKG K92 is a budget headphone that offers a sound quality at a level far above its price tag. These also may be the largest set of headphones you’ll find so if you have a small head you may want to look elsewhere. When it comes to specs though, they’re good including their professional 40mm drivers.



Beats Solo3 Wireless

Beates Solo3

So these are more on the expensive side but have great wireless tech with solid Bluetooth. You’ll get good range and a battery life that leads the class. The bass provides thick thuds without the boominess, something that will please a lot of the masses. The Solo3 continues the tradition that is expected from Beats.



So it turns out that August is good month to get good deals on all different kinds of over-the-ear headphones. We’ve presented seven here with great savings this month. Didn’t see the headphones you were looking for? Don’t worry, I bet if you look around you’ll find a good deal on the headphones you want as well. Good luck and happy deal hunting! Please leave a comment or question.

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