Amari LP-32s magnetic suspension turntable


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Cartridge Parameters

Model : Audio-technica AT95E

Frequency response : MM cartridge

Output voltage : 3.5mV (1kHz , 5cm/sec.)

Channel distortion : 20dB (1kHz )

Output balance : 2.0dB (1kHz )

Stylus Pressure : 1.5-2.5g ( recommend 2.0g )

Coil impedance : 2800 ohms (1kHz )

Coil DC resistance : 410 ohms

Load resistance : 47000 ohms ( Recommended )

Load capacitor : 100-200 pF

Coil inductance : 400mH (1kHz )

Static obedience : 20*10-6 cm /dyne

Dynastic obedience : 6.5*10-10 cm /dyne

Stylus type : Joint ellipse ( 0.4*0.7 mil )

Needle bar : Aluminum alloy rod

Vertical tracking foot : 20

Dimension : 17.2*17*30.5 ( H*W*D )

Cartridge Weight : 5.7g

Vinyl record player Parameters

Drive form : two AC motor drive

Turntable : CNC precision machining of aluminum alloy material

Main bearing : Adjustable magnetic suspension support bearing

Turntable speed : 33 1/3, 45 speed electronic touch switching, speed can be fine-tuned

Base : CNC precision machined aluminum plate + multi-layer plywood sandwich structure

Color aluminum, very fine silk, aluminum alloy
Spike : Magnetic support mechanism adjustable aluminum alloy machine foot

Tone arm seat : SME tone arm seat + VTA adjustable tone arm seat

Tone arm : 250

Cartridge : Japanese original Audio Technica MM cartridge

Speed governor : built-in AC motor dedicated governor

Speed monitoring : grs5 digital high precision real-time speed detection system

Motor : imported high precision AC synchronous motor

Dimensions: length 600mm width 450mm height 250mm

Player net weight: 38kg

Drive form: external double AC motor drive, belt drive mechanism

Turntable material: aluminum alloy material CNC precision machining

Turntable thickness: 65mm

Turntable weight: 8kg

Bearing mechanism: adjustable magnetic suspension support bearing, built-in upper and lower oil pool, oil-containing copper inner sleeve, zirconia ceramic shaft

Recorder base: CNC precision machined aluminum plate + multi-layer plywood sandwich structure

Recorder color: aluminum color, aluminum alloy

Recorder feet: adjustable rubber mechanism for aluminum shockproof feet

Recorder motor: imported high-precision AC synchronous dual motor

Singing arm base: SME phono arm seat +12.1-3 special arm seat

Speed monitoring: grs5 digit digital high precision real-time speed detection system

Speed governing mechanism: the governor of the AC motor that adjusts the frequency

Turntable speed: 33 1/3, 45 speed electronic touch switch, precise speed can be fine-tuned

Package dimensions: length 670mm width 610mm height 540mm

Gross weight: 50kg

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33,45 RPM

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