Aurum Cantus Goddess 8 Five-unit 3.5-way 25th Anniversary Floor Speaker


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Aurum Cantus Music Goddess 8 five-unit 3.5-way inverted phase-standing floor speaker 25th anniversary version speaker



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The 25th Anniversary version of music goddes 8 is a brand new large-scale speaker, five-unit 3.5-way inverted phase-standing floor speaker. The front side is G2Si aluminum belt tweeter, AST2560 pneumatic tweeter, AC165/DC50SC 6.5-inch midrange unit, AC300/DC75C2C 12-inch woofer; the back is a G2Si aluminum belt tweeter.



The music goddes 8 tweeter module combines its own AST2560 pneumatic tweeter with G2Si aluminum tweeter. A gold plaque specially made a metal baffle to fix the two tweeters, which were originally independent models, on a panel, so that they are closer together and easier to blend into a high pitch. In the crossover point setting, the pneumatic tweeter is responsible for the 1.8 kHz to 7 kHz band, and the 7 kHz or higher is given to the aluminum band tweeter.



G3Si aluminum belt tweeter with tweeter combination:



G2Si aluminum belt tweeter has a diaphragm thickness of only 0.01mm and a width of 8.5mm. It is hand-crafted into a hexagonal honeycomb shape and then folded into a special wave shape to achieve a good overall rigidity and difficult to form a severe vibration. The amplitude-frequency characteristic is superior, the phase-frequency characteristic interference is avoided (that is, there is no influence of phase difference), and the “pure” vibration state that the tweeters such as the dome, the cone, and the like have not yet reached or is difficult to achieve is obtained. The frequency response range is broad and flat. The first U-shaped magnetic circuit design of Jinhao, the expensive N40 NdFeB magnetic material, the magnetic flux density of the magnetic gap is as high as 5500-6000 Gauss, which guarantees the extremely high sensitivity of 96dB/W/m in the direction of the main axis of the whole unit.







Rated impedance: 6


Rated power: 30W


Sensitivity: 96dB/W/m


Frequency response range: 1700Hz-40KHz3dB


Aluminum strip size: Width 8.5mm length 60mm thickness 0.01mm


Aluminum strip shape: Hexagonal honeycomb wave shape


The 25th Anniversary Edition of Le Shen 8 uses two G2Si aluminum trebles in front and rear. The front one is used to reproduce the high-frequency and ultra-high frequency parts of the music, and the back one is used to expand the sound field to increase the sense of presence.



Tweeter unit combination AST2560 pneumatic treble:


The Air Motion Transformer was introduced in the 1970s. The initial diaphragms were mostly made of polyethylene film or polyester film. Later, polyimide film was widely used. These materials are common. The characteristics are light weight, low internal damping, and the sound produced by the diaphragm made by it is sharp and intolerant. However, with the introduction of the HV (Air Motion Transformer) series of pneumatic tweeters, the problem that has plagued the industry for nearly 50 years has finally ceased to exist.


As early as 2005, Jin Hao began to develop the AST series of pneumatic high-pitched sounds. At first, none of the materials available on the market that can be used to make diaphragms were selected by Jin Yu, as described above. As a result, Kim Min Jong will develop and produce his own dedicated diaphragm material. After two years, after several trials, a material made of special silicide with excellent performance was finally developed in 2007. The diaphragm made of this special silicide material is not only light in weight, but also has good internal damping. The specific performance is that the sound is fine, clear, transparent, sweet, rich in detail, high in resolution, dynamic, and transient.


AST2560 pneumatic treble horn unit folding diaphragm size: width 25mm, length 60mm. The developed diaphragm size is 105 mm wide and 60 mm long. Its technical parameters are: impedance 4, sensitivity 95dB/W/m, rated power 60W, frequency range 1600Hz-40kHz.



Midrange unit:


The AC165/DC50SC is a 6.5-inch midrange unit jointly developed by Golden Dragon and Italian ATD. The unit’s sandwich diaphragm is molded from carbon fiber + foamed resin glass + carbon fiber. This diaphragm is unique in construction – no dust cap, it is not only rigid, but also not easily deformed under large dynamic conditions. The original magnetic circuit system consists of a copper short-circuit ring and a damper coil, as well as a 50 mm copper-clad aluminum flat-line voice coil. The AC165/DC50SC midrange unit features fast transient response, full penetration and low distortion.



Woof unit:


AC300/DC75C2C is also a 12-inch woofer developed by Jinhao and ATD of Italy. The unit uses aluminum alloy basin frame. The sandwich diaphragm is made of carbon fiber + foamed plexiglass + carbon fiber. The original magnetic circuit system includes Copper shorting ring and damper coil, and copper-clad aluminum flat wire voice coil with a diameter of 75 mm. AC300/DC75C2C woofer has the characteristics of fast transient response, large dynamic, deep and powerful low frequency and low distortion.


The design of the crossover is also extremely precise, and uses the expensive M-Cap Supreme series capacitors and MKP series capacitors produced by Mundorf, Germany, the special 0R inductors, and the metal oxide film resistors of the military industry standard.


The 25th Anniversary version of music goddes 8 has a diamond cut corner and a side box parabolic structure. It is not only sturdy and elegant, but also elegant and solemn. It greatly reduces the occurrence of diffraction, and the top-down design is backward. This makes the high frequency vertical diffusion characteristics better. Everything is designed to be tailored to the comprehensive music goddes 8th. The sound is magnificent and the delicate and mellow, tri-band balanced, full of sense of the scene, very infectious, let you immerse in the sunshine of music.






Rated impedance: 8



Rated power: 50-300W



Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m



Frequency response range: 22Hz-40KHz



Weight: 75kg / piece





The music goddes 8 is a comprehensive version of the Aurum V12F and the Golden Harmony. The high-pitched part is the same as the Grand Harmony, and the mid-bass is the same as the V12F.




Brand Name






Speaker Type


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Built-in Microphone



2 (2.0)



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Support Apt-x


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120 W

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