FFYX T1803 air arm vinyl LP player air Vinyl turntable Player without cartridge


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FFYX New T1803 air bearing tangent tonearm vinyl LP record player air bearing black Vinyl Record Player Real-time monitoring speed without cartridge 33&45





1. Improved main and auxiliary disk double-layer air bearing


2. Active suspension air suspension base


3. Five hundredth of a millimeter level ultra-precision fine-tuning


4. Multi-dimensional precision quantitative control adjustment of the tonearm, adjustment accuracy




5. Photoelectric sensor touch control


6. Real-time digital display monitoring speed


7. Reserve a second tonearm seat


8. Tonearm line and RCA are made with custom Italian ART alloy version


Note:Cartridge and ART graphite nails used on the product drawings are not included in


this player .



The turntable part: adopts the main and auxiliary disc structure, the main disc diameter reaches


400MM, the thickness is 60MM, which brings a very high moment of inertia, so that the stability of


the rotation is greatly improved! It can be seen by the tachometer that the speed is not affected


after the needle is dropped! This may seem simple but in fact many dishes can’t be done! The


secondary disk uses a 60mm thick 300mm air float plate, an improved air bearing!



Base part: adopts the design idea of optical detection platform, built-in four position sensors, four


air bags, when a certain angle changes position due to force change or other reasons, such as


rising, then the position sensor will let The corresponding air bag is subjected to a deflation


operation. Similarly, if it is lowered, the corresponding air bag is inflated, thereby realizing active


suspension! This active suspension effect is far superior to passive suspension! The horizontal


angle of the four corners adopts a precise differential head, which not only has a high hardness of


the support head, but also has a lifting height of only one-fifth of a millimeter per foot, which can


achieve extremely precise horizontal adjustment!



Tonearm part: This tonearm is different from the ordinary air-floating arm and the arm tube is short.


This design can bring more flexible tracking performance, which leads to excellent low-frequency


performance: fast speed, deep dive ! The freshness of the sound and the sense of the air,


especially the texture of the instrument, are more in place! Moreover, the tonearm has multiple


dimensions of precise instructions:


1. the top VTA scale indicates: this can achieve fast VTA adjustment of the record! Realizing 120g


and 180g records have the correct VTA angle, and it is extremely fast and convenient!


2. side VTA scale indication: VTA adjustment when it is convenient to replace different cartridges!


3. side and front position scale: easy to change the tangential angle of the pickup!


4. rear horizontal adjustment scale: easy to adjust the level of the arm tube!


5. guide rail indication: the need to repeat a certain piece of music when it is convenient for PK





Motor, air pump and control part: using touch panel, theoretically it can be unlimited life! Real-time


speed display, you can intuitively monitor the real-time speed of the turntable! The motor adopts a


newly developed control system with precise and stable speed. The 33 and 45 can be switched


directly on the panel, and can be finely adjusted separately! The air pump has been optimized and


improved. It can be said that there is basically no audible noise, and the life of the pump is greatly




Size: 520 wide * 490 deep * 300 high


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33,45 RPM

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Dimensions (W x H x D)

520 wide * 490 deep * 300 high


air bearing

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