HIVI Swans 2.8A Home Theater Hi-end Flagship Home Theater System


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Swans 2.8AHT flagship home theater 5.2 system surround home theater system low distortion big dynamic home theater

Attention: Because this home theater is customized, please wait for 7-15 days .

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HiVi Swan 2.8A

System type : 4 way 4 orders vented speaker system

Drivers Configuration: professional 8 inch bass X 2 + professional 6.5 inch mid-bass X 8 + equal magnetic field

Tweeter X 8

Frequency response : 35Hz-20kHz

Distortion : 55Hz-20kHz<=1% (2.83V/1m)

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) : 88dB

Rated impedance : 4 ohms

Power range : 10W- 300W

Size : 450x545x1590mm

Weight : 83 kg

HiVi Swan 2.3C+

System type : 3 way 4 orders vented speaker system

Drivers Configuration: 6.5 inch bass X 4 + 28mm dome tweeter + equal magnetic field tweeter X 2

Frequency response : 35Hz-20kHz

Distortion : 40Hz-20kHz<=1% (2.83V/1m)

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) : 99dB

Rated impedance : 8 ohms

Power range : 10W- 320W

Size : 1020 X 341 X 308mm

Weight : 33 kg

HiVi Swan F5R+

System type : Di-pole surround speaker

Drivers Configuration: professional 6.5 inch mid-bass X 2 + 28mm dome tweeter X 2

Frequency response : 55Hz-20kHz

Distortion : 53Hz-20kHz<=1% (2.83V/1m)

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) : 87dB

Rated impedance : 8 ohms

Power range : 10W- 150W

Size : 505x290x236mm

Weight : 13 kg

HiVi Sub15B

System type : 1 way closed active super bass

Drivers Configuration: professional 15 inch super bass

Frequency response : 26Hz-120Hz(DIRECT) 26Hz-80Hz(INTERNAL X-OVER)

Rated power : 1000W

SNR: >100dB

Input sensitivity : 100mV

Input impedance : 22000 ohms

Size : 582 X 536 X 476mm

Weight : 34kg

This system include 3 pieces of front high performance speakers, 2 pieces of 15 big active super bass. You

can choose two or more surround speakers to make it a 7.2/9.2/27.2.4 panoramic sound or DTS multi channel

surround sound system.

HiVi 2.8A main speaker adopts a linear sound source,16 loudspeaker pieces consist of standard linear sound,

which improves the sound pressure input to make sure there is low distortion, and a big dynamic response.

8 pieces of equal magnetic field tweeter.

8 pieces of 50mm midrange unit.

1 piece of 6.5 inch midrange unit

2 pieces of 8 inch bass unit

Wood pattern with luxurious piano paint.

The supplier warranty period for all our items is 2 years in which all repairs are free with no shipping costs. After 2 years they will provide repairing parts free, but the buyer will pay the shipping costs.



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Number of Speakers (Middle)


Speaker Connection Type

HDMI transmission

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Disc Formats


Model Number

Swans 2.3BHT

Number of Speakers (Rear)


Special Feature

Mini System



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