L-005 COMPACT X8 10 3-Way 3-Driver Floor-Standing Wood Speaker


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COMPACT X8 10 3-Way 3-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker HI-END Wood Speaker Scan-Speak Driver 5-inches Mid-range drivers


Product specifications: 3-Ways 3-drivers Inverted

Output Wattage: 100~500W

Frequency response: 30 Hz~20 KHz

Rated impedance: 8

Sensitivity: 86dB

Weight: 41 KG/piece

Size: 1040 x 450 x 330 (mm)

Product introduction:

This item design goal is STEREOPHILEs A-level. A level of the standard is the low frequency of the system must be extended to 20Hz. It can be unlimited bandwidth and dynamic unlimited.

At the same time, it also shows the spirit and determination of COMPACT’s relentless pursuit of hi-end music. Also shows the highest achievement of CAOMPACT audio at the present stage.

The tweeter was used the D3004/662000 of the ScanSpeaks Illuminator series. It is the HI-END tweeter of the ScanSpeak.

The Mid-driver was used 15M/4531K00 of ScanSpeaks Revelator series.

The woofer was used 25W/8565 of ScanSpeak.

This items use 3-ways 3-drivers, Phase correction network, and Resonance peak of RLC resonance loop control unit.

Frequency divider:

SOLEN Non inductance polypropylene capacitor

Thick wire diameter, OFC Air core coils

The frequency divider element was pure manual welding and used High quality silver tin solder.



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Analog transmission

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Wireless System



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