Portable Suitcase Phonograph Record Player Bluetooth 5.0


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Material: leather + wood
33/45/78 rpm
Support record size: 18/20/30 cm
Speaker: 2
Sound effect: PH / INT / BT 5.0
Size: 35 * 25.5 * 13cm / 13.8″ x 10″ x 5.1″ / length x width x height
Suitable for playing stereo recordings at home
Support wireless playback via Bluetooth
Made of wood and leather,
Old-fashioned briefcases are light and easy to carry.
Output level via mono cable
LP records can be played to
33 45 78 RPM! Quickly spin records of 7, 10 or 12 inches! Can play LP!
Pure player, signal output.
Supports a maximum radius of 30 cm below the vinyl record.
Built-in stereo speakers, so you can listen to music without connecting a speaker system.
Power connection:
Before recording, please connect the power source.
Tip: You can normally use DC 5V 1A 110-240V power supply for this vinyl record player. This will destroy machines that use other power sources.
Input connection:
Connect the audio cable to the external device:
Connect the 3.5 mm plug to the AUX IN jack of the device
Output connection:
Connect the audio cable to the external microphone:
1). Connect the red plug to the R channel output
2). The white plug is connected to the L track output
Tip: Make sure you are connected before playing. After connecting, you can control the volume by supplying power to the amplifier’s stereo power supply.
Packing list:
1 vinyl record player
1 power cord
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-3 cm. Make sure you don’t mind bidding.

2. The color may be different, please note.

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33,45,78 RPM

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