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Rega Planar 1 Turntable Overview

Think those Brits just throw great weddings? Wait’ll you see their turntables. Rega’s stellar line of turntables and accessories, now available at World Wide Stereo, demonstrates the UK manufacturer’s legendary dedication to vinyl reproduction in every model since their first in the early ‘70s. And if you’re new to the pleasures of vinyl, or returning after a long analog absence, there’s no better starting point than the entry-level Planar 1. The out-of-box experience doesn’t get easier than this – assembled, adjusted, factory fitted with a Rega Carbon cartridge, and virtually no niggling tonearm adjustments to make. Just slide the counterweight onto the back of the arm, remove the stylus guard, and spin away. The venerable Planar 1 got a top-to-bottom remake this time around, with the new RB110 arm with zero-play bearings, a 24-volt low-noise motor with aluminum pulley, Thermoset gloss-laminated plinth, phenolic resin platter for flywheel effect, and a modern style that looks at home in any environment. What Hi-Fi? magazine, in its five-star review, calls it “a spritely, entertaining turntable with no obvious flaws.” The new Rega Planar 1 – the model known to enthusiasts for decades simply as the RP1 – will serve well as your first turntable, and the only one a budget-minded audiophile may ever need.

Product highlights

  • New-design RB110 ultra-low friction tonearm with precision “zero-play” bearings, automatic antiskate and stiffened headshell
  • Thermoset plastic gloss-laminated plinth (available in gloss black or white)
  • Phenolic resin flywheel platter
  • Low-friction central bearing hub for improved fit and lower stress
  • Improved feet for improved stability and less external vibration
  • New 24-volt synchronous low-noise motor for speed accuracy
  • Factory-fitted with the Rega Carbon moving-magnet cartridge for ease of installation and well-matched performance
  • Easiest setup out of the box of any Rega turntable
  • Dimensions: 4.6″ high by 17.6″ wide by 14.2″ deep
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years turntable, 1 year cartridge (World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer for all brands we sell)
  • World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and product support

Redesigned, top to bottom

The only parts shared with the previous RP1 are the drive belt, sub-platter pulley and dust cover. You get an improved tonearm, platter, plinth (that’s the base) and motor, all of which add up to a livelier and more involving sonic experience.

New RB110 tonearm

Rega went back to the drawing board for the tonearm, fitting it with what the company calls “bespoke zero-play” ultra-low friction bearings, which means the arm pivots effortlessly where it should, without wiggling when it shouldn’t. At the other end of the tubular arm, the head shell is ergonomically redesigned and stiffened. Bias, or antiskate, is applied automatically to counteract a tonearm’s natural tendency to swing inwards.

Improved flywheel platter

The new platter on the RP1, nearly an inch thick, is formed of phenolic resin (a synthetic polymer) with higher mass, and the weight is distributed more toward the rim to enhance the flywheel effect that smooths out small variations in speed (a turntable’s so-called “wow”). The sub-platter is belt-driven with an aluminum pulley and a new, 24-volt synchronous motor designed for low noise and high speed stability independent of voltage variations.

High-gloss laminated plinth

The base, or plinth, of the RP1 is made of Thermoset high-gloss synthetics, available in black or white, and laminated to reduce the transmission of external vibrations. (Like any turntable, however, you should take some care in the RP1’s placement, away from speakers and on an isolated, sturdy shelf.)

That out-of-box experience

Rega fits the RP1 with its own-design and perfectly matched Carbon moving-magnet phono cartridge. Adjusted, balanced, tweaked and even set to the proper tracking force, the Carbon and arm come out of the carton as easy to prepare as any turntable can be. Slide on the 111-gram “plug-and-play” balance weight to the preset location at the back of the arm, remove the stylus guard, plug in and connect, and you’re ready to take the RP1 for its inaugural spin.



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