Retro Vinyl, Bluetooth, CD Record Player


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Retro Vinyl Record Player Audio Tape CD Bluetooth Old-fashioned Vintage Phonograph – Oak US Plug


  • Simple appearance, retro literature and art, entertainment and decoration are suitable. Simple and practical, multi-functional design ideas make the family a pure land to release stress and liberate the mind. Emphasize elegant carving and comfortable design. While retaining the color and texture of classical furniture, pay attention to adapting to modern living space
  • The carved decoration of the horn of the record player has beautiful patterns and rounded lines. Built-in high-energy lithium battery, can play outdoors for about 4 hours, can also be powered by computer, 4.0 Bluetooth, can be wirelessly connected to mobile phones, etc.
  • Ruby piezoelectric ceramic stylus, clear sound quality, durable, can play about 300 hours, easy to replace and low cost. With automatic back arm function, the tone arm will automatically return to position after recording
  • The panel has a U disk interface, an SD card interface and a CD tray. The LCD screen displays the current menu and operation status. Equipped with a headphone jack for listening to music with headphones. RCA interface on the back, dual lotus left and right audio channel output, external power amplifier, stereo, separate power cord and rear radio antenna
  • The record player is a 3-speed record player that supports three rotation speeds of 33/45/78 and can accommodate vinyl records of 7/10/12 inches and other specifications. It has a volume adjustment button, which can adjust the volume and control the volume. Plug in to play, or external amplifier audio
  • Bluetooth playback, Bluetooth non-destructive music playback, connect mobile phones and other devices with Bluetooth, play your favorite music anytime
  • DCIN power input interface, used for phono power socket, AUX IN audio input interface, can be used for mobile phone, tablet, PC computer connection as a speaker
  • Product function: vinyl, CD, radio, USB, SD / Bluetooth, tape, transcription, external amplifier, headphones, mobile phone or MP3, etc.


  • Color: As Shown
  • Material: ABS + Wood
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Speaker: Power 25W
  • Rotate Speed: 33/45/78
  • Frequency: 50-60HZ
  • Product Dimensions: 44.5 x 34.5 x 24.6cm (Close)
  • Product Dimensions: 44.5 x 34.5 x 46.5cm (Open)
  • Product Weight: 6900g
  • Package Dimensions: 51.2 x 42 x 31cm
  • Package Weight: 9200g
  • Packing: Foam + Carton Box

Package Content:

  • 1 x Vinyl Record Player
  • 1 x Stylus
  • 1 x European American Japanese Records
  • 1 x Power Line


EU Adapter US Plug, With US Plug

Brand Name



33,45,78 RPM

Output Connectors


Stylus Type


Dimensions (W x H x D)

44.5 x 34.5 x 24.6cm (Close)



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