SVS has been building some great subwoofers and the SVS SB16-Ultra is known for being a complete subwoofer. With this sub you can expect sound with immense power, precise detail,and extreme clarity. It also looks pretty cool.

This deep bass subwoofer comes with a 16-inch ultra bass driver. It also has an 8-inch edge voice coil to provide reverberating bass with additional low-frequency sounds when it’s used.

You’ll get 1500 watt continuous MOSFET output and a peak output of 5000 watts with its new Sledge 1500D Amplifier.

This sub is great for movies and music as it is built to thrive in all situations. For what this subwoofer costs, it may be the best you can get for the price.


  • Low Distortion
  • Great Bass Performance
  • Looks Good
  • Smartphone Control


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