The Audiophile’s Guide – New From PS Audio

Do you know what an audiophile is or how to become one? If not, we have something that just came out that will help you. Hot off the presses as they say is PS Audio’s “The Audiophile’s Guide & Reference Disc – The secret to great sound”.

If you are like me, you’ve spent a good chunk of change on home audio equipment. What good is it though, if you don’t know how to get the best sound from it. The goal of your home sound system is to create a sound stage that makes it feel you are in the room with the musicians. How do you do this? Well it’s actually easier than you think.

The Audiophile’s Guide

Now available, “The Audiophile’s Guide” book along with its reference music tracks will help you get the maximum sound from your equipment even for those one a budget. Written by PS Audio CEO Paul McGowan, Paul incorporates his 45-year audio industry experience in walking beginners and veterans through his easy-to-follow step-by step secrets to get amazing 3D sound from one pair of speakers.

You’ll find that this book and reference audio disc can be used by those new to high-end audio and those that consider themselves lifelong veterans. It doesn’t matter what your system configuration is, Paul will show you how to make magic happen in your home audio listening room.

This guide works for any level of 2-channel audio system whether it’s budget or high-end and is an essential resource to get
the most out of your home audio system.

Audiophile GuideGet now from PS Audio


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