The Best Speakers for Home Theaters – It’s Movie Time

When you are designing a home theater one of the first decisions you’ll make is what speakers to buy. In this post we are going to discuss the best speakers for home theaters. This will depend on the type of system you are going to build (stereo, surround, etc.) and the size of your room.

So you want to buy some speakers for your home theater. When doing so there are many factors to consider. One of the first things to consider is the size of the speakers you need. These can range from bookshelf speakers to floor standing towers. Bookshelf speakers are a great choice for your living room or your master bedroom. Floor standing speakers are better suited for larger spaces such as an open basement. If you are building a surround sound system then you will have a mix of both bookshelf speakers and floor standing speakers.


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Before You Buy Home Theater Speakers

Stereo vs Surround

Generally for stereo home theater systems you will buy speakers that come in pairs. For surround sound speakers will come in bundles of six. If you decide to go the stereo route you can always add another pair of speakers down the road to get a well-balanced surround sound system.


Another thing to consider are the size of the drivers. Drivers are what produce the sound in the speaker and generally, larger drivers are better. Many home theater speakers have multiple drivers which handle multiple frequencies. This ensures the music will sound clear.

Passive vs Active

There are two different styles of home theater speakers, passive and active. If you buy passive speakers then you will also need to buy a stereo receiver since passive speakers have no built-in amplification. Active speakers on the other hand have a preamp, volume controls, and inputs to plug in various devices. Passive speakers are a good choice if you have a lot of room, active speakers are better for small rooms. Another thing to consider is active speakers are heavier and can have smaller drivers because they have to accommodate more hardware.

Recommended Speakers

SVS Prime Tower Surround

This is a great system for both audiophiles and movie watchers with a perfect blend of performance, design, and price. It is part of SVS’s Prime series that raises home audio to the next level. The SVS Prime Tower Surround Kit is comprised of six speakers including two audiophile-grade towers and a subwoofer, and provides an immersive listening experience that is hard to beat especially at this price.  You can expect sound to flow smoothly between the front, side, and rear speakers with great detail.

If you want to save some money you can get these speakers in a black ash veneer but for an extra $250 you can get them in a nice and shiny piano gloss finish. Overall, this is a great 5.1 channel system that can be added to over time.

5 Piece, High-Grade Polished Piano Black Finish from SVS

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Audioengine HD6

These active bookshelf speakers will give you a big sound in a smaller size. HD6s are 11.9 inches tall with two drivers each. These include a 5.5 inch kevlar woofer for lows and midrange and a 1 inch tweeter for highs. This is a compact speaker but does have a lot of connectivity features. The numerous ports will allow you to connect a TV, computer, turntable, and a phone, tablet, and computer (via Bluetooth) at the same time. These speakers come with the necessary cables so you can connect them to your own components right out of the box. Overall, these speakers are feature rich and won’t take up a lot of space. This is a great choice if this is what your needs are.



Q Acoustics 3050i

These passive floor standing speakers are a great choice if your a building a stereo home theater system worthy of an audiophile. They are 40 inches tall and 12 inches deep so they do take up a fair amount of space. These speakers are optimized for sound from the bottom up and instead of sitting directly on the floor they are balanced on four metal pegs. You won’t have to worry about distortion when listening to a loud bass the way these are designed.

This speaker has three drivers that include two 6.5 inch woofer for bass and midrange and a .87 inch tweeter for highs. Distortion is reduced because each driver is suspended in a multi-piece enclosure to improve their accuracy. The speaker case features Point to Point bracing keeping the speakers rigid which cuts down on sound dispersment in different directions. This gives you a more accurate stereo image because the music is directed towards you. Again these speakers are passive to you will need to hook them up to a stereo receiver. The Q Acoustic 3050i is an exellent speaker for a stereo home theater system but also works well with a surround sound system that is built over time.



Enclave Audio CineHome II

This a great active system to consider for those looking for a surround sound home theater speaker system in one box. There are seven components in this system which includes a pair of 16.4 inch front speakers, one pair of 6.4 inch rear speakers, a 3.4 inch center channel speaker, a 13.8 inch subwoofer, and a 1.6 inch CineHub (receiver) The front speakers have four full range driver drivers and three tweets. The rear speakers have a pair of two-inch drivers.

What’s also great about this system is that all six speakers are wireless. You will need to connect each speaker to a power source, but the audio is transmitted through the CineHub. Because of this, you will have a lot of options regarding speaker placement. Just connect the one HDMI cable from the CineHub to your TV’s HDMI ARC port and audio coming from the TV will be routed through the speakers.

There is what someone may consider a drawback in that since the speakers are tied to the CineHub, you won’t be able to use them with your other equipment. You can add more Enclave Audio speakers to the system but no mixing and matching.

The Enclave Audio CineHome II is a great choice if you looking for a modern totally wireless home theater speaker solution.


Klipsch Dolby Atmos Speaker Bundle

This home theater system is cutting edge and has speakers that can handle pretty much anything. This is the latest version of surround sound that is just starting to take off. Audio from these speakers is mixed toward you and above you hitting you both horizontally and vertically. Sound truly sounds like it’s coming from all directions and is far more immersive than traditional surround sound.

The bundle contains six speakers that include a pair of 11.3 inch bookshelf speakers, one pair of 40 inch floor speakers, one 7.3 inch center-channel speaker, and one 14.5 inch subwoofer. Each bookshelf speaker features one 4 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter. The floor speakers have a pair of  front-facing 6.5 inch woofers, a 5.25 inch upward-firing woofer, and a pair of 1 inch tweeter with one front-facing and one upward factin. The center channel speaker has a pair of 5.25 inch woofers, and a one inch tweeter. The subwoofer has a singel 10-inch front-facing woofer.

You can expect premium sound since each speaker in this set is from Klipsch’s Reference Series and packs considerable hardware. These are passive speakers so you will need a receiver that supports Dolby Atmos and high-end speaker cables.

Even though Dolby Atmos is in its infancy, these speakers will deliver a premium experience for both stereo and traditional surround sound audio. If your goal is a home theater system with no compromises, these should be at the top of your list.

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Presented here are great choices for great sounding home theater speakers that come in sizes small to large and at various price points. If a great sounding home theater is something you desire consider the speaker systems described here. Good luck and good sound. Please leave a comment or question below.

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