UFO or Levitating Speaker? – Let’s identify some

So I was hanging out online and I ran across an interesting item. My Home Stereo mostly contains articles dealing with home audio systems but every once in a while we find something interesting that won’t necessarily be a part of your home stereo or theater system. This is one of those times. A picture of this thing came across my screen and it looked like a UFO. Technically it was because I hadn’t identified it yet and it appeared to be flying. It actually wasn’t flying though, but had a levitating orb above a saucer shape base with cool lights. Was this the latest UFO sighting? No it was a speaker. A speaker? Yep, to be exact it was magnetic levitating Bluetooth speaker. Well that looked cool. Are these things any good? I decided to do some research and found there are a number of these speakers available. Let’s take a look at a number of these speakers and see what they are all about.

Infinity Orb

Infinity Orb Levitating Speaker

The Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating speaker has great LED visuals. This is actually the first one I saw and really liked how it looked. With the visuals you’ll get an entertaining light show that responds to the music and you can choose the color and mode. It also has a 3D surround sound effect with a good volume that will envelop all the listeners.

Even though it doesn’t have wireless charging, it can be re-charged with the USB chord in less than an hour. Also, this is one of the levitating orbs that will float even if the surface isn’t completely level since it does have support legs for additional stability.

Overall the Infinity Orb Magnetic speaker is one of the best levitating orb speaker models in its price range.


  • Great LED visuals
  • Can be a standalone speaker
  • 3D surround sound
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0
  • 10-meter wireless range
  • 8 hour play time
  • 3W power

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7 Arc Star Floating Speaker

7 Arc Star Floating Speaker

The Arc Star Floating Speaker is a great looking speaker. It has a built-in magnet so it remains floating even when it is turned off. This speaker has a surprisingly good sound quality but not the most power so if you like your music on full blast this one might not meet your needs.

As far as playtime, with the on-board 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery, this speaker will last up to 10 hours without a re-charge. Also, with its own charging station it can be charged wirelessly and will charge other devices as well as long as they support wireless charging. You can also charge this speaker while it is floating and working at the same time. This is different from many other floating speakers.

The Arc Star Floating Speaker is a great choice and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. In addition to listening to music, it can be used for phone or Skype calls as well.


  • Orb can be used as a portable speaker
  • Base is magnetic
  • Green light visuals
  • Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  • 10-meter wireless range
  • 360 degree sound
  • USB port in the base


B4M ORB-I Floating Speaker

B4M Org-1 Floating Speaker

When I first look at this one I think of R2D2. It looks like it might be some Star Wars merchandising but this is actually a floating speaker. This speaker uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology and has a 1500 mAh battery that quickly recharges to run up to 8 hours.

This speaker has a 1-meter Bluetooth range so you can change the settings while sitting on your sofa or outdoor recliner. The B4m Orb only uses 5 watts of power for 85 decibels, so has low energy consumption. It supports NFC and 40-Hz to 20khz frequency range to make it safer than others in its price range. With low audio distortion, it has great sound clarity.

Compared to the some of the other orbs, this one has a unique spinning action that will amaze your friends. The B4M Orb is a high performing option that should be considered if you are currently in the market for this type of speaker.


  • Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC connectivity
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Low distortion audio
  • 8W speaker
  • 10-meter Bluetooth range
  • 8 hour run time
  • Cool spinning action


ESOTICA Floating Speaker

Esotica Floating Speaker

The Esotica floating speaker has an innovative levitation technology that makes it more secure and dependable than its competition. It comes in two colors and is one of the most user-friendly floating speakers available.

With its 360-degree rotation, you can depend on a full surround sound that bounces off every corner and vibrates every surface. You can light up the room with 7 different LED colors and it also makes a good bedside lamp.

This speaker is highly functional as it allows you to accept and end calls through the speaker. You’ll enjoy up to 4 hours of playtime which is a little on the low side compared to some of the others mentioned here. The Bluetooth connection is reliable and has a range of 10 meters.


  • 2 colors
  • One-touch control
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 10-meter Bluetooth range
  • 7 LED colors
  • 4 hour playtime
  • Accepts and ends calls


Kabaddi Levitating Speaker

Kabaddi Floating Speaker

This is definitely one of the coolest looking levitating speakers on this post. Like some of the others, this speaker has a 360-degree rotation that provides audio coverage in a variety of environments including an office, restaurant, shop, and your home. This speaker has a stylish black finish and spins silently with electric power. The base is stable and also looks stylish.

With its surround sound and 8W speaker it spins sound in every direction with high quality. This speaker also has decorative LED lights that give a soft lighting to the room. It does have a classy sophisticated look but doesn’t have the variable lighting some of the others do. For convenience, go head and charge your phone, iPod, or tablet using the provided USB port.


  • Silent rotation
  • 360-degree surround sound
  • Decent wireless range
  • Soft LED lights
  • 12-month warranty
  • 8W speaker


Atrend OFS1 Magnetic Levitating Speaker

Atrend OFS1 Levitating Speaker

The Atrend OFS1 Levitating speaker is sleek and functional built with maximum stability. It rotates 10mm from the base for outstanding performance. Like some of the others it has selectable LED lighting. It can provide the best music reproduction courtesy of a frequency response range between 40Hz to 20kHz.

This speaker uses a Levitate Assist tool that helps balance it from the base and features top-mounted controls that allow easy access to settings. Utilizing a single diaphragm and dual voice coil, you’ll get accurate music reproduction with a high bass output. The 1000mAh battery gives you 5 hours of life for continuous playback.


  • 10mm levitation
  • Levitate Assist tool
  • High bass output
  • Selectable LED lighting
  • 5 hour playback
  • Dual voice coil


UPPEL Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

UPPEL Levitating Speaker

The UPPEL Levitating Bluetooth speaker has a great touch screen style that allows you to pick a specific function quickly. Unlike some of the others, the UPPEL has sensor buttons instead of the regular ones. This makes it much easier to skip and change music tracks, set volume, and to answer and decline incoming phone calls.

It’s lightweight and attractive due to its fashionable design. Like many of the others, the orb speaker has a magnetic base for safe floating.

The UPPEL has support for both Bluetooth and NFC. Using the built-in NFC feature you can pair your tablet or smartphone quickly and with ease. Once connected to a compatible device, no hands are needed to control the music. It has a rechargeable 1000mAh battery that will run continuously up to 5 hours. This one also has a 10mm ground clearance for the floating orb.

If you want a levitating Bluetooth speaker that is loud, has good sound fidelity, easy to pair with a great touch screen, then this UPPEL for you.


  • Metal grating audio membrane covers
  • Quick NFC pairing
  • Loud, good sound
  • Touch screen style
  • 5 hour playback
  • 10mm ground clearance


Infinity Orb UFO Levitating Speaker

Infinity Orb UFO Speaker

So the last one presented here is another levitating speaker from Infinity Orb and this one may actually be the best. With the UFO speaker you’ll get excellent 360-degree surround sound with the built-in 5W drivers and great Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The wireless range is just under 10 meters and has wireless charging. You may not have to worry about recharging because a single charge will last up to 8 hours using its built-in 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

Another great feature of the UFO speaker is the LED table light that makes it really appealing to fans of anything other-worldly such as UFOs.

This speaker has a built-in mic for hands free calling and with the other features, might be worth the extra money to have a conversation piece such as this in your home.


  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 360-degree surround sound
  • 32 feet wireless range
  • LED table light
  • Wireless charging
  • 8 hours playtime
  • Built-in mic



So we presented nine levitating wireless speakers, most of them orbs but one looking like a flying saucer. These are great small items with big sound built for constant operation in various locations. I would say this is a fun and interesting thing to have that will spark conversations with your guests at your next get together. Overall they’re priced pretty reasonably so why not go for something a little different. I wouldn’t suspect a levitating speaker would replace your much invested home audio system, but would be a fun item to own and offer more convenience. Would you buy one of these? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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