V-MODA Launches Limited-Edition Jimi Hendrix Headphones

Audio company V-MODA has announced that it is creating an Artist Series line of wireless headphones and its first collaboration is with the estate of the legendary guitar god Jimi Hendrix.

V-MODA makes high quality headphones that feature its unique metal headband and hexagonal-shaped ear cups. These headphones can be used with a wire or in Bluetooth mode.

There are three different versions of these heaphones each with its own theme. The “Wisdom” version has a jet-black design with an image of Jimi Hendrix on the outside of one of the earcups. The other earcup features his signatrue.

V-MODA Jimi Hendrix Wisdom Headphones

The “Soul” design is based on the Jimi Hendrix Experience after his move to London, and includes lava lamp on the ear shields with the singer’s image on one side and his autograph on the other.

V-Moda Jimmi Hendrix Soul Headphones

The third pair called the “Peace, Love and Happiness” will only be available from a few independent retailers and features psychedelic-style art remeniscent of the sixties.

V-Moda Jimi Hendrix Peace Headphones

All three pairs of these headphones are the V-MODA Crossfade 2 model that features 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers.  With this model you can expect high quality sound with a deep bass, nice sounding mids, and an expansive 3D soundstage.  A single charge will give you 14 hours of wireless playback and can be paired with two sources at once.

Read more about them here. Let me know what you think about these headphones in the comments below.

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